70 East Grove Street  Middleboro, MA 

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Saturday night, May 18th 6:30-8:30pm 
Donation is $50 per person 

  • Who were you in a past life? 

  • Have you always been drawn to certain parts of the world you felt you just had to visit? 
  • Do you suffer from unexplained pain in your body or keep repeating the same mistakes in life in relationships with others?

After helping 100's of people with past life regressions and seeing fist hand the healing it can provide in present day life, the results are amazing! Join me Kellie Surdis, C.H.t as I use hypnosis to help you access those past life memories that can aid you clear and send healing to any past life issues, and  see your present life from a new perspective of balance. 

Space is limited to 10 people, reserve your spot now.  Please bring a yoga mat, blanket and pillow. 

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