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​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​After undergoing the Free from Alcohol Hypnosis Series, with Kellie this client stated: 
"I’m doing great!  I’ve had no desire at all for alcohol at all.  In fact I was out with friends on Friday night and 2 of my friends ordered chardonnay (my favorite), but when it was served it did not appeal to me at all.  In fact I thought it smelled kinda gross. The recording is working out great, I listen to it every night.    Thanks for everything!" ~Anonymous

After a Reiki Session this client stated: 

"It was an amazing experience! I can't wait to return for another treatment." ~Terri S​.

​After a past life regression session with Kellie , this client healed unconscious patterns that had been plaguing her, her whole life.  In hypnosis, she discussed being in England in the year 1216, she discussed a castle, a Baron, and being starved to death. After the session she sent a note stating:

“I wanted to tell you that after our session, I went home and looked up all the information that came through during our session, in particular, I looked up England in 1216, an area of history that I know very little about. It was crazy but from the end of 1215- June of 1216, was the First Baron’s War. The Baron’s rebelled against the king and France invaded. They took the castle by Rochester by means of starvation, the King of France was Phillip, I was stunned. Thank you so much for our session it has helped me figure out patterns. I can not wait to do it again!” ~ J. J.

After  a Reiki Class, this student stated:

“Thank you so much for the time you spent with us last Tuesday, it was an amazing day, very relaxing, spiritual and educational. You are truly a Master of your Art and I can’t thank you enough for sharing it with us! I have practiced Reiki every day since and my hands are constantly tingly and warm. I am looking forward to furthering my study of reiki with you as well!”  ~ G. M.

"I had an appt with Kellie before she even opened the new location....and I'm glad I did...I've never had so much clarity and freedom in my life than I do now...I went for IET and walked out a changed woman...I'm now following my dreams and doing what I should have been a long time ago...I have her to thank for that....she's just simply amazing...I would recommend anyone and everyone see her at some point in their life..." ~Heather T. ​​

"I went to Kellie for a Reiki Treatment. I can't say enough about how much this treatment helped me. This was my first time getting a treatment and I didn't know what to expect but she set my mind at ease and explained what would be involved in the treatment. The treatment was so healing and definitely recharged my stressed mind and body. I will definitely make another appointment with Kellie." ~T.C.

"Kellie has given me the most beautiful connection with loved ones. She has helped me realize my path and how my past has brought about my current situation, and given guidence as to how to get where I need to be for my soul purpose. She has also guided me with Reiki for my nearly fatally ill dog and helped me find someone who could provide the answers I needed to get him well. Connecting with Kellie is comforting and helps you to make your life better. Kellie has helped me in so many ways it would be difficult, if not impossible to list them all. Her strength and positive energy, willingness to listen, and warm, caring heart is matched by none. She guides in a calm heartfelt way while assisting you on your path of healing."  ~Barbara

"I received my Reiki level 1 attunement in December 2014  with Kellie. First I would like to mention how calm the environment is, which is very important when you are practicing meditation and receiving Reiki treatments. Kellie was very warm and friendly and made me feel comfortable sharing my thoughts and asking questions. 
At the end of our class, my friend and I felt re-energized and positive. I was actually filled with so much energy I was talking my husband's head off when I got home. I felt SO balanced, and my friend had a similar experience. I feel confident performing Reiki treatments after my class with Kellie, and looking forward to Reiki level 2. If you are looking for a Reiki Master to begin your journey through Reiki please contact Kellie." ~ Kathleen 

"Had a great Reiki Session with Kellie. I am a big guy, and did not know what to really expect as I had never had anything like this done before. I was amazed at what went on inside my body during the treatment. I left the session feeling refreshed and rested. Will be back." ~N.S.​​​

Client Testimonies 

*all testimonies are used with permission from clients